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Symptoms (sinusitis) empyema

Chronic sinusitis, making it easier maxillary sinus is the most fucked.Will be some state is also affected by the other three positions frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, sphenoid sinus, was inflamed.Symptoms city, stuffy nose, and nasal discharge is top-heavy feeling, smell disorder, previous head. Nasal discharge is purulent mucus mixed with two purulent, or mucous. Two patterns will be the case or around the throat from the hole in the nose. Around towards the throat and nasal discharge, but also may cause coughing or throat clearing.

If symptoms persist nasal discharge, such as stuffy nose, let's seek a specialist in otolaryngology without leave. Also affect nearby organs and to increase in severity is sinusitis. Seems to be also cases, such as otitis media can cause inflammation of the tube from the nose leading to ear, nasal discharge flows into the throat, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis everywhere, in gastrointestinal disorders.
Empyema ( sinusitis and turn toward the throat by pus accumulated in the sinuses), you may be emitted as bad breath smell of pus. Because the adjacent paranasal sinuses cheek, teeth, and the accumulation of pus in the eyes and sinuses, cheek pain even if symptoms such as pain, toothache, eye occurs would put pressure on the teeth and cheek, and eye there.
Paranasal sinuses, except for one hole of nature, since there is no doorway, easy to spread throughout the inflammation has spread from the nose, pus will be discharged to the outside is difficult. For this reason, there is a peculiar feature of inflammatory paranasal sinus empyema occurred once called stubborn.

Empyema, treatment and prevention of sinusitis

Unlike, such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis is the treatment of empyema, patience I need. Acute sinusitis, the treatment can be relatively easily, such as oral or injectable antihistamines and antibiotics. Treatment of empyema is the first from macrolide therapy. This will be a long-term drug treatment is administered a small amount of less than half the time taken for the purpose of sterilization of drugs such as antibiotics. Treatment will be held on the prospect for half a year from three months in general. If you do not see the effect of macrolide therapy, so there is more to the surgery.
If improvement is not seen in empyema even after long-term administration of the drug will be conducted the surgery. If time does not have severe symptoms, hospitalization is already in the day surgery without the need in endoscopic surgery. Will be performing surgery in the case of severe root. Surgery will be peeled off the inside of the upper lip, and total excision of the mucosa in the paranasal sinuses. Hospitalization is required because the face is often swollen.
In empyema is sometimes congenital element is affected by the structural characteristics of individuals such as sinusitis and constitution. Has been to prevent sinusitis is difficult because it is full. When people have allergies, nose and throat may be originally weak. You must train the body with moderate exercise, unbalanced diet to avoid attention to nutrition, boost the immune system of the body. Strive for that life style that does not burden enforcement of hand washing and gargling, and to clean living environment, the nose is important.

Cause of the empyema

Of chronic sinusitis due to many factors, such as hypertrophic rhinitis and allergic mucosa thick jam made ​​repeatedly, genetic constitution, of acute inflammation of the nose is complex and are related.
Many causes of cough and fever lasts more than a week in infants, wheezing, and nasal discharge, there seems to be sinusitis. The case of infants, many of the symptoms if symptoms are not typical, difficult to distinguish from common cold and fever, cough, and wheezing, it is likely to be diagnosed with it, such as colds and rhinitis.


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